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RPS is built for speed!   It is a rapid prototyping facility satisfying the most demanding product development requirements. 

Established in 1998 by a top-tier team from the leader in Stereolithography, RPS maintains a culture of high quality and superb customer service. 

Our can-do services support your product development needs from design-verification prototypes to full scale production: 

Rapid Prototyping SLA, SLS, FDM, CNC, Sheetmetal, Silicon molding, Vacuum Forming, Thermojet
Metal Castings Investment Castings and Prototype Die Castings and Sand Castings
SLA QuickCast Patterns for Investment Castings
Production Injection molding and short runs production

We are headquartered in Southern California with affiliates in Taiwan.  Our customers are from a broad range of industries such as Investment Casting, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Industrial Design, and computer industries to name a few.   We invite you to join our list of satisfied customers.  

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