RPS is among the most experienced companies in generating high quality QuickCast™ patterns.   After all, our founders were involved in the development of the process and instrumental in introducing it to the Investment Casting community.  Since its introduction, we have built thousands of patterns for foundries as well as OEM clients. 

Our capacity includes large and small SLA systems.   The large systems have a single build envelope of 20” x 20” x 23” (H).   Larger parts are built in sections and joined together.   Making parts larger than the build envelope are common for us.  The smaller SLA’s have a build envelope of 10” x 10” x 10” with high definition lasers.  The high definition laser with a beam diameter of 0.004” allows the creation of small intricate details and thin wall parts.

The quality of QuickCast patterns is defined by a number of parameters.  The first is the accuracy of the build.   RPS regularly fine tunes its SLA’s for maintaining consistent accuracy.  The post processing is the second most critical aspect of quality. This includes resin drainage, surface finishing, sealing of leaks and the testing of the hermetically sealed parts.  

Our founders were the first to develop the finishing and sealing techniques for QuickCast patterns.  This experience gives us the edge to provide you with superb quality patterns.  Try Us!

  • Centrifugal resin drainage
  • Precision hand-finishing
  • Vacuum & Pressure testing
  • Assembly and joining of large patterns
  • Proper packaging
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